Sustainability is in our DNA. We operate in a responsible, innovative and transparent way.

Silvia Rovere

Founder & CEO

Sensible Capital provides advisory services for illiquid assets investment with a focus on ESG, with the goal to achieve excellent performance through the combination of traditional investment parameters with sustainability indicators.


Sensible Capital was founded by statute as a Benefit Corporation. We are Sensible in all its meanings: our actions are rational, weighted and responsible.


We want to produce material results that are perceivable and measurable. We want to make a difference by pursuing high returns and, at the same time, real benefits for environment, people and society.


We are aware of the role that finance must play in moving towards a more sustainable future. This is why sustainability is deeply integrated in our actions and our governance.

Real Estate

We provide services to property owners and real estate investors at national and international level, building long-term relationships by connecting people, capital and opportunities and constantly working to create the best outcomes for our clients. Sensible Capital offers a range of integrated services including strategic consulting, investment advisory, valuation, financing and structuring.


Venture Capital & Private Equity

Our goal is to become the first Italian player focused on proptech and contech, bringing together our team extensive experience, know-how and network in real estate and private equity to further innovation in the industry. Sensible Capital operates as a long-term strategic partner, employing an industrial approach to support the growth of the companies and teams in which we invest.